OFW 2014 Fashion & Fur Party | Food, Wine, & Design


Day 6 of Oklahoma Fashion Week was on Friday, April 11th, and made way for three events consisting of a trunk show for one of the designers (which I was unable to make), a fashion and fur party, and a designer meet & greet. The first, the Fashion & Fur Party, took place at Koslow’s Fine Furs. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I was more dressed for the second event (I can’t imagine too many people wearing a bright neon skirt are heading out to buy a fur coat).

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Wednesday evening was Day 4 of Oklahoma Fashion Week, and after two days of being out of commission for the events, I was back out there with my camera. Taking place at Empire Slice House in the Plaza District, the event promised and delivered on exactly what it was called: art, fashion, food, and music.

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A Slinging Celebration


Tuesday marked the 6th birthday/anniversary of my favorite coffee shop ever: Coffee Slingers. They had a bunch of little happenings going on to celebrate the occasion, such as a DJ, digging in coffee beans for prizes, and more. I was in the neighborhood that day, as I am every Tuesday, and made sure to stop in. I am excited that I did! All drinks were free until early afternoon, which was a pleasant surprise.

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The Melancholy Model

I had the opportunity to go to another painting class from Wine & Palette a couple weeks ago. This time, we were doing a painting simply called “Model.” Something about it really stood out to me. I love the dress she was wearing, I loved that it was primarily black and gray with the exception of a bit of red in the flowers of her dress.

As usual, I decided to theme my outfit for this. Like the model’s black, red, and gray dress, I also went with neutrals with a bit of color.


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Steal Lupita’s Look!

The 2014 Oscars are now behind us, but one celebrity donned a look that continues to sear a deep memory into my mind: Lupita Nyong’o. There were several gorgeous dresses, but Lupita’s was the clear winner to me.


Her light, almost ice, blue Grecian style pleated Prada dress was classy, flowing, ethereal, and daring. The Fred Leighton jewels added a touch of edge and youthfulness between her spiked earrings and dazzling thin gold headband.

I am in love with the look, but realistically cannot wear it on any normal day. And my normal days far outweigh my Oscar days. But with a little bit of hunting around, I pieced together an ensemble that will let you (and me!) capture Lupita’s magnificent essence to wear any day of the week!

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Cozy for Winter


Ok, I lied. Just the other day I said that I thought the frigid temps were behind us. And then we had two days where the wind chill was below zero all day. So, in reality, winter lied.

On the plus side, it gave me a chance to bundle up in a cozy sweatshirt I recently purchased. I first spotted Kristi of Currently Crushing wearing it, and knew I had to have it. This sweatshirt can easily be lived in!

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