OFW – The Outfit


I have to be one of the most indecisive people I know when it comes to picking out an outfit for an event or special occasion. The day comes, and suddenly my entire wardrobe has been tossed on the bed in an effort to choose the right look. So when fashion week comes along, the decision becomes exponentially more difficult. Fortunately, this was the one time I actually did know what I was going to wear…and made the decision two months in advance!

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OFW 2014 Fashion & Fur Party | Food, Wine, & Design


Day 6 of Oklahoma Fashion Week was on Friday, April 11th, and made way for three events consisting of a trunk show for one of the designers (which I was unable to make), a fashion and fur party, and a designer meet & greet. The first, the Fashion & Fur Party, took place at Koslow’s Fine Furs. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I was more dressed for the second event (I can’t imagine too many people wearing a bright neon skirt are heading out to buy a fur coat).

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Wednesday evening was Day 4 of Oklahoma Fashion Week, and after two days of being out of commission for the events, I was back out there with my camera. Taking place at Empire Slice House in the Plaza District, the event promised and delivered on exactly what it was called: art, fashion, food, and music.

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